• REVEALED: Neha Dhupia to boss around Vidya Balan in Tumhari Sulu
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 06:40:09

    REVEALED: Neha Dhupia to boss around Vidya Balan in Tumhari Sulu Yet another name associated with the Vidya Balan starrer Tumhari Sulu is that of former beauty queen and actress Neha Dhupia. While the actress has of late been busy with the reality show ‘Roadies’ (of which she is a judge), in the forthcoming Suresh Triveni directorial, the actress will be seen playing the role of Vidya’s boss. Earlier we had mentioned that Vidya Balan plays the role of a late night RJ and now, Neha will be seen in the role of Maria, an assured head of the popular radio station. Talking about her role, filmmaker Suresh said, “Maria is a beautiful, aggressive and successful entrepreneur. She has an interesting and important role, which will keep Neha's unpredictable element alive.” On the other hand, excited about playing it, Neha described her character saying, “Maria is a lot like me — independent, funny and strong. The look is chic and classy, and while she’s not overbearing, she can be a bit overpowering”. Further talking about the director of the film and sharing screen space with Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia adds, “Suresh (director Suresh Triveni) comes from the ad world and he’s clear about what he wants. I’ve always admired Vidya’s work, we’ve met a couple of times socially, but never shared screen space before. I’ve done a couple of reading with Manav Kaul and her recently. There were times when we’ve burst out laughing in the middle of a serious scene and Suresh has sportingly wanted to incorporate a joke to make it fun”. While the principal photography commenced only recently, Neha will start shooting in June and has begun her prep for the film. Besides Vidya Balan and Neha Dhupia, Manav Kaul will be seen in the role of Vidya's screen husband. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Tanuj Garg, Atul Kasbekar and Shanti Sivaram, Tumhari Sulu is slated to release on December 1.

  • BREAKING: Sonakshi Sinha hits back confirming she's not performing at Justin Bieber concert
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 06:19:16

    BREAKING: Sonakshi Sinha hits back confirming she's not performing at Justin Bieber concert Ever since the news broke that Sonakshi Sinha will be one of the opening acts at the upcoming concert of international pop sensation Justin Bieber, it has received a mixed reaction. The musicians from the industry have disapproved it including Kailash Kher and Armaan Malik. Kailash Kher, on one hand, said that Sonakshi Sinha performing at the concert will send out the wrong message internationally and people will assume that she is a big singer in India. Armaan Malik, on the other hand, engaged in a war of words with Sonakshi Sinha stating that it was about time singers were given the same kind of importance like actors and not shunned down. His elder brother Amaal Malik, who is a music composer, agreed with the words of his brother and said that singers should be given opportunity. Now, shutting down all the speculations around her performance, Sonakshi Sinha penned down some words confirming that she is not performing at the upcoming Purpose World Tour show in Mumbai. She wrote, "Firstly, I am not performing at the Bieber concert. It was speculated because I was approached and carried forward by publications and portals even after I stated in various interviews that it's not happening. Secondly, I am an actor who loves music, who loves to perform and who loves to sing. And if anyone has a problem with that, in the wise words of baba Bieber himself... they can go "love" themselves. Over and out." Sonakshi Sinha had made her singing debut in 2015 with single 'Aaj Mood Ishqholic'. She had also performed at the gig when Coldplay came to India during Global Citizen Festival 2017.

  • Akshay Kumar presents the most precious gift to Bollywood stuntmen
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 06:17:12

    Akshay Kumar presents the most precious gift to Bollywood stuntmen Readers may be aware that Akshay Kumar is closely associated with stunts and his martial arts moves are often a part of his blockbuster action films. Now, the National Award winning superstar has decided to contribute for the benefit of stuntmen. Akshay Kumar has taken a step towards creating insurance schemes for stunt artists. Akshay Kumar has joined hands with cardiac surgeon Dr. Ramakanta Panda for the insurance cover of stunt artists. Talking about how the lives of these men are constantly in danger, Akshay Kumar threw some light on their current condition where he revealed about how these talented people often risking their lives for films. Maintaining that romance and other genres do not endanger one’s life as much as these stunts, the superstar also asserted that if there weren’t stuntmen, there wouldn’t hero either. On the other hand, equally thrilled about the initiative, General Secretary of Movie Stunt Artiste Association, Ejaz Gulab expressed his gratitude towards the actor’s efforts for securing their lives and also spoke about how the actor came to the rescue when no one else cooperated. The said insurance cover apparently will provide Rs. 6 lakh as compensation in case of an injury or accident on the sets of the film and in case of death, a sum of Rs. 10 lakhs will be provided.

  • BREAKING: Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani are officially divorced now
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 05:40:34

    BREAKING: Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani are officially divorced now After announcing about their separation, Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani have now been legally granted divorce by the Bandra court. The couple had filed for divorce by mutual consent in October last year after which they were given a six month interim period. A day ago, Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Babani visited the court where the divorce was granted by principal judge MM Thakare after their meeting with principal marriage counsellor VS Athavale. Farhan’s lawyer Fazaa Shroff-Garg and Adhuna’s lawyer Taubon Irani both asserted that indeed the couple has now legally separated. From what we hear, the case was called out twice, once at 11:14 am and later at 12 pm. It was during the second session when the couple came in. Their counselling sessions started off in November last year and despite the six month waiting period that was given to them, we hear that the couple decided to continue with the divorce proceedings and ended their 16 year old marriage. As far as their kids Shakya and Akira are concerned, the custody is given to Adhuna while Farhan has been given access to them whenever he wishes.

  • High Court asks producer Gaurang Doshi to disclose assets after he falsely claims about owning the rights to Aankhen 2
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 05:25:25

    High Court asks producer Gaurang Doshi to disclose assets after he falsely claims about owning the rights to Aankhen 2 Last year, Aankhen 2 was announced with much fanfare with Amitabh Bachchan in the lead and other actors like Arshad Warsi and Arjun Rampal as a part of it. The film initially got involved in a major controversy after Ileana D’Cruz was falsely claimed to be a part of the film and the actress vehemently denied any association with the same. Now, according to recent reports, an IT company has moved the High Court alleging that Gaurang Doshi has fraudulently taken money by asserting that he owns the rights for Aankhen 2. In a petition filed by the company in question not only have they accused of Gaurang Doshi not owning the rights to the sequel but considering that they believed his words initially, they have also mentioned about financing over Rs. 1 crore to Doshi for the film. Furthermore, recent reports claim that the court has observed that there already have been two restraining orders against Gaurang, to stop him from claiming any rights over Aankhen 2. In fact, the court has earlier intervened in the matter, asking the producer to even publicly release a statement on social and other forms of media clearly asserting that he not only doesn’t own the rights to the film but has no kind of binding or agreement with the banner of the film, Eros International or any other wing of the Eros Group regarding the film. Besides issuing a public notice, Gaurang also had posted a Facebook status (fulfilling the social media request by the court) but had changed the privacy settings of his account. Due to the same, the visibility of the post was affected as only few people ended up viewing it. Considering the legal web that the producer has been involved in currently, the High Court has now ordered Gaurang to present all his assets, movable and immovable including bank accounts etc., by affidavit on or before June 9 this year. Also keeping in mind that the film hasn’t gone on floor neither has there been any progress on the same, hence the court has ordered him to return the money within 12 months along with a three month grace period from the day of the execution of the agreement. On the other hand, Gaurang Doshi is yet to respond to these allegations.

  • “Yes I have offers to do another show” - Sunil Grover
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 04:53:55

    “Yes I have offers to do another show” - Sunil Grover Sunil Grover takes time off from a live show in Baroda to clarify the biggest rumour about his career. Is he contemplating a new show? Sunil takes a deep breath as screaming fans in the background in Baroda demand more of him. He then says, “I won’t deny the fact that there are offers. Yes, I’ve been asked to do another show. But until I am contract-bound with Colors there is nothing else that I can talk about, let alone contemplate or accept. Once I am free to look at my options on television I will speak about the offers.” Does he miss being on The Kapil Sharma Show which recently completed a 100 episodes. “No regrets as such, because I am working non-stop. My mother never had to ask, ‘Beta, tu kaam par kyon nahin jaa raha hai?’ This break from television has given me a chance to do some serious live shows. I love the live synergy. Right now as we speak I am in the middle of a performance in Baroda with Sunidhi Chauhan. The audiences’ response is overwhelming. Watching them, I know I wouldn’t have to sit at home even if I didn’t do television.” Sunil’s thoughts on Kapil’s show completing 100 episodes? “I was in 92 of those 100 episodes. And so what if I missed out my century by 8 runs? If Sachin Tendulkar only thought of centuries he wouldn’t be the legend that he is. I don’t want to sound arrogant. I am happy I did those 92 episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show. I carry beautiful memories of the experience. Now it’s time to move on.”

  • Akshay Kumar wants to return his National Award? Find out here!
    Tue, 25 Apr 17, 04:34:59

    Akshay Kumar wants to return his National Award? Find out here! After years and years or working hard and toiling his sweat over his roles, Akshay Kumar finally got his due and recognition this year in the form of a National Award for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in Rustom. Like every year, this year too, these awards were marred with controversies in the form of many who felt that it was Aamir Khan who deserved the National Award for the Best Actor for his stellar performance in Dangal. Yesterday, during a media meet, when asked about his take on the controversy, Akshay Kumar said “I’ve been hearing it for past 25 years, whenever someone wins there is some discussion around it. This is not new. Someone or the other always creates a controversy. ‘He shouldn’t have won, the other person should have. It’s okay. I’ve won this after 26 years, ‘agar woh bhi aapka mann kare toh le lo’ (you can take it back if you felt like). And when asked about whether he would be considered for the prestigious Padma Bhushan for his charitable works, Akshay Kumar was candid enough to say, “You have to do major work to earn such an award. Only then people can feel you deserve the award. We keep doing these things for our stuntmen, whatever we can in our capacity.” On the films front, Akshay Kumar will be soon seen in films like the most awaited southern flick 2.0 with the megastar Rajinikanth, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, PadMan, Crack and Gold.

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