Eros Now T & C’s

Eros Now


Eros Now Competition Specific TERMS & CONDITIONS – to be read alongside Sunrise Radio’s General Terms and Conditions

1. Each voucher code can be used only by 1 individual. These are unique codes

2. Once the user redeems the voucher code, he/she will get “2 Months Free Subscription to the Premium Plan on Eros Now”

3. The validity of the voucher code is till 30th September 2018

4. While the Android users can activate the voucher code on the ‘Eros Now App’, IOS Users will have to activate the code on web i.e. by logging on (Once the IOS user has activated the code on web, they can access and enjoy the 2 months Free Subscription to the Premium Plan on the Eros Now App as well. Highlighting the point to avoid ambiguity).