I am keen to make a police-society based film, says Prakash Jha

Prakash Jha said he is keen to make a film on police and society today, as he feels police and the society has undergone numerous changes over a decade.

Prakash feels the policy and the society subject could make an interesting film. “I did Gangaajal which was about the relationship between the society and police at that point of time. The dictum then was that society gets the police it deserves. But in the last 12 years, there has been a big change. The attitude of the society to the police is different,” Prakash was quoted by media as saying.

He continues saying, “Today if a cop has to arrest a criminal he thinks ten times, because there is the caste, communal factor, the local goon, the politician, his own officer, the judiciary. My friends, who are cops say there is no policing in this country anymore. Efficiency has become a crime and inaction is a virtue. I find this very interesting. I have a story I could work on it.”

Prakash, who had made socio-political films such as ‘Rajneeti’, ‘Apaharan’, ‘Aarakshan’, feels that getting into politics is not the only way to change the system. “One way you can change the system is by getting into the system, as long as you don’t get into the system those who are in the power will continue to do what they are doing. But I feel even thinking about politics, about the right candidate, voting for the right candidate, canvassing for the right candidate, making sure that the right candidate comes to lead us- is also political engagement. You don’t have to become a politician, you have to be politically aware. You have to take control of your political destiny,” adds Prakash.